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Hi, I'm Isa

I make beautiful website and web apps. Since 2013, I've been working with both small businesses and NGOS, and prestigious clients like Microsoft and The World Bank to develop beautiful websites and apps.

I code with React, NodeJS and WordPress. I design with Sketch.




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Gen Studio

Re-design of Gen Art, a project by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Microsoft, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This site allows users to visually explore machine learning systems for high resolution art creation.

For this project, Microsoft approached my team at Plain Concepts to implement a complete re-design of the front end.


Azure Apps Demo Map

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In & Out

Marketing website developed for La Roca Village, a luxury shopping space in Barcelona. Created with the Catalan Tourism Board, the website provides recommendations by famous Catalan and Chinese personalities who live in Catalonia.

For this project, my team implemented the website with a VueJS front end coupled with a NodeJS content management system.


Microsoft Vector Search

Vector search uses artificial intelligence to understand and analyse search queries, giving fast and accurate results. The application interacts with an API that leverages artificial intelligence to produce images relevant to your query.

Users can upload images to the website, which them calls on Microsoft’s experimental machine learning algorithms to generate images relevant to the uploaded picture.

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