Isa Chen

Full-Stack Web Developer and Web Designer

Webhint IO, A Testing Engine for the Web

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I contributed to two packages to, a NodeJS CLI tool that tests websites for accessibility, speed, compatibility and more. The first package checked if a website has a valid doctype declaration, the second checked for CSS compatibility.

For the hint-doctype package, I worked with another developer to come up with the strategy for the algorithm. I then implemented the algorithm and wrote the tests.

The hint-compat-api package was a much larger package, and three developers worked on it. I wrote one of the core algorithms, wrote the tests and fixed bugs in the overall code of the package. The algorithm I wrote checked for browser compatibility of different CSS rules with the help of a CSS parser utilising PostCSS.

Tech Stack

  • TypeScript
  • NodeJS
  • AVA (for unit tests)
  • PostCSS